OTS3.04. Cold Calling Do’s and Don’ts


  • Discover and implement best practices in cold calling.


  • Why cold calling is hard, and usually not worth it
  • When cold calling makes sense
  • The keys to a good cold calling script
  • Preparing for objections
  • What about voice mail?
  • How to triple your cold call response

Why cold calling is hard, and usually not worth it

Reasons why cold calling is a poor investment:

  • Response is low.
  • There are gatekeepers to get through.
  • It is tedious and there might be better uses of your time.
  • People hate getting cold calls, and are sceptical of what you are selling.
  • People instantly view cold callers as sleazy.
  • And people are afraid of identity thieves and scammers.

When cold calling makes sense

  • As a mean for a follow up
  • As a mean for communicating giveaway
  • As a mean to go through an existing list of prospects efficiently
  • As a mean to test the market

The keys to a good cold calling script

Always have a script. Don’t go into a cold call cold!

A good script has the following elements:

  • Quick Intro.
  • Quick Attention Grab.
  • Establish yourself as an expert.
  • Ask for whatever it is you want.
  • Ask for permission for the next step.

In addition, a good script:

  • Sounds natural.
  • Uses simple terms.
  • Keep bringing up benefits.
  • Prove it.
  • Ask questions.

Getting into the action

  • The objective of the cold call, is usually to get a meeting.
  • It is NOT to have a fun, lengthy conversation with a prospect.
  • It is NOT to get into a debate with them, or answer their objections all night long.

Planning for Objections with Cold Calling (When the Goal is to Get a Meeting):

What about voice mail?

  • Option One: Leave a message where you name drop their top competitor.
  • Option Two: Leave a strong benefit message and give them a time you will be waiting for their call, preferably at the end of their day.

How to triple your cold call response

You can triple your response rate with two additional action steps:

  • First, visit the prospect to drop off some literature and try to get an impromptu meeting.
  • Second, before you call or drop by, send an informational letter that is no more than one page.
OTS3.04 Form

1. Reflecting back on some of the situations when cold calling make sense, what do you think other situations that cold calling can be used appropriately?