We help organizations engage with their remote strategy team through workshops and meetings to design, test and execute the right business model and value strategy for their organization.

The Problem with Internal Workshops & Meetings

A study by TED.com shows that:

  • 75% of workers in the organizations receive no training on how to do meetings.
  • This amongst other things, cost companies $37 billion in the US alone on inefficient meetings.
  • Not to mention, most of you strategy teams’ time and energy are better used for the actual design, test and execution of your strategy, not the facilitation.
  • On top of that, the lack of the right tools for meetings and strategy design further contributes to the economic cost of strategy meetings

How we can help

  • Engage your remote team. Our remote facilitation solution engages your remote teams located in multiple geographical locations to work on your strategy without leaving their work locations.
  • Get your team on the same page. Ground your team to the right strategy framework using visual canvases in strategy workshops and meetings.
  • Guide your team throughout the lifecycle of the strategy from ideation, design, testing and execution.
  • Ensuring alignment of tasks and projects to the organization’s overall strategy.
  • AI-powered tools to effectively manage projects, reduce inefficiencies involved in the strategy formulation process through to execution.
Why choose us
  • Our coaches are an accredited affiliate of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia and trained in the Strategyzer framework tools.
  • We provide customized remote facilitation solutions tailored to your individual organisation needs.
  • Our AI-powered delivery management system will reduce cost and raise efficiency with your strategy delivery.
  • Choice of popular meeting platform already used by your organisation such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams for greater convenience.
  • Our own proprietary e-learning platform to help you roll out strategy throughout your organization.