Innovation! Delivered Remotely
Bring Together Your Innovation Project Team Remotely from Anywhere in the World

Remote work is here to stay. Despite the collection of online tools made available in the market to support remote working, very few are designed with strategy facilitation for innovation projects in mind.

We utilised both our very own in-house as well as framework-specific remote tools to help you bring together your teams from anywhere in the world to work on your innovation projects.

Gone are the days where project teams need to spend hours travelling away from their work routines to a location for a few days to do on a project which will take a few months to complete.

Just like remote work is here to stay, remote strategy coaching and facilitation is too. And Accolade Coaching is at the forefront of it. Talk to us how we can help facilitate your small business innovation project and engage your team from wherever they are work from.

What We Do

Accolade Coaching is a business coaching firm specialising in remote strategy coaching and facilitation established in 2012 by Emmanuel Setyawan. A Strategyzer coach as well as a Blue Ocean Strategy Australia consultant, Accolade Coaching brings remote delivery to strategy coaching and facilitation using the globally acclaimed, time-proven and case study backed frameworks of Strategyzer and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Our Solution
Time-Proven, Case Study-Backed Methodologies

Using the Strategyzer and Blue Ocean Strategy methodologies, the standard in today’s strategy excellence.

100% Remote Coaching Engagement.

Use our in-house tools or your preferred remote platform. The choice is yours.

In-House E-Learning System

Our very own in-house E-Learning platform significantly increased the delivery speed of our coaching solution.


Eliminate the unnecessary cost involved in traditional strategy engagement such as travel and accommodation using our remote delivery solution.


Our solution streamlined the engagement process such as meetings, task follow-ups, goal trackings to minimise the time it takes to finish the project.


Whether a small business or Fortune 500 companies, you are in good hands. Start small and grow with us.

Your Coach

Passionate with business growth, innovation and strategy, Emmanuel started Accolade Coaching in 2012 to help businesses grow and achieve their desired success. Today, Emmanuel serve clients from small to large corporations on strategic planning and execution using time-proven, case study-backed frameworks of Strategyzer and Blue Ocean Strategy.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, using Accolade Coaching remote coaching and facilitation suite, Emmanuel reaches to other parts of the world, helping clients in other countries outside Australia. You can find more information about Emmanuel by following his LinkedIn profile or subscribing to “BizTalk with Emmanuel” podcast, available on iTunes.

Emmanuel Setyawan

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