We partner with membership based organisations, business associations, chambers of commerce and other business themed meetup groups to create value for their paid members through our partners program.

The Challenge of Running a Membership Organisation

As someone who has been an organiser of a meetup group in the past and current members of several business associations, we are all too familiar with the substantial challenges facing organisers of such groups.

  • You need paying members to keep your group, association or chambers running.
  • Creating constant value to make your membership fee worth is extremely time-consuming.
  • Sponsorship can help pay the bills, but quite so often, they too demand you create constant value for them, which often means more work.

It’s a hard act of balancing between creating revenue for your organisation through membership fee with the constant effort to create ongoing value for your members. Which is why we design our partnership program with organisers like you in mind.

How we can help

Through our Partner’s Program, meetup organisers, business associations and chambers of commerce can take advantage of our value-adding product such as webinars, E-Learning, and workshop at no additional charge for you.

As we thrive to be the leader in the strategy coaching industry, we want to do it together with you. We want to grow our influence while helping yours grow at the same time.

What's included in the Partner's Program

It doesn’t cost your organisation anything to partner with us. By cross-promoting our events and products, you will reap the following benefits:

  • Complimentary access to our Premium Webinars for your members.
  • Discounted Workshop for members.
  • Request customised webinar for your member base.
  • Get your logo displayed and mentioned in all our events.