About Nexus

There are quite a few things involved in delivering remote strategy coaching and facilitation. Virtual meetings, real-time chat, goal setting and tracking, and so on. In the past, we have always juggled between using meeting platforms like Zoom or Teams, messaging platform like Slacks and various goal tracking solutions.
Introducing Nexus

Nexus by Accolade Coaching brings together all these components into a single location that can easily be accessed from your desktops or smartphones, without having to download or install any additional software.


All in one remote coaching & facilitation platform.

Combine all the power of virtual meeting tool, chat messaging, goal settings and notes to deliver the best coaching engagement for your organisations.

Use your favourite browser, no download necessary.

Unlike other online conferencing solution like Zoom, Webex or Teams, our platform doesn’t require any download.

Built-in messaging.

Dedicated real-time chat messaging that can be easily accessed during or outside meetings.

Trackable goal & milestones system.

Set, track and measure your project goals and easily follow up any tasks allocated to teams.

Bring all your team together.

Involve everyone you need in the project to use the platform at no extra cost… wherever they are.

Easy member and group management.

A consolidated platform means you can easily bring in the necessary teams into an engagement without having to worry about paying for different platforms to cater for your organisation’s need.

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