Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Accolade Coaching a business coaching firm?

Accolade Coaching started as your typical business coaching firm. In 2018, Accolade Coaching became the Accredited Affiliate of the Blue Ocean Strategy Australia which consequently made us part of the world-class Blue Ocean Strategy Global Network (BOGN).

We are one of only few companies in Australia, licensed to deliver B2B Blue Ocean Strategy engagement to businesses.

2. What is Blue Ocean Strategy Australia?

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia (BOSA) is the Australian affiliate of the UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting. It is a certified member of the official global Blue Ocean Strategy Community of Practice.

BOSA mission is to create jobs and economic growth, by inspiring, empowering and supporting the growth and transformation of Australian organisations, through the professional application of Blue Ocean Strategy®.

BOSA has a network of qualified practitioners and accredited affiliates like Accolade Coaching around the world.

3. How much does your services cost?

We understand that every client engagement and their needs are different. From past experiences, client’s investment ranged from several thousand to several hundreds of thousands of dollars for a project.

The best way to know is contact us for obligation-free consultation where we assess your business needs and determine the best move forward.

4. Is your service scalable?

A large company doesn’t mean a large project. Likewise, a smaller company doesn’t necessarily mean smaller project.

The benefit of engaging Accolade Coaching is that you can easily scale your project with us, even beyond our own engagement capacity. How do we do this?

As part of the Blue Ocean Strategy Australia (BOSA) network, we have the privilege to call upon other accredited consultants to assist in the project as it gets larger.

In the past, we have been involved in a project, which started small with only a handful of local staffs, but then scaled up to a national level involving the company’s overseas staffs. This is all possible because we are part of the global network of qualified practitioner of Blue Ocean Strategy.

Still Need Help?

For more information, contact Accolade Coaching for obligation-free consultation via the form provided on this website.