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Emmanuel Setyawan January 22, 2020

Podcast Ep 012 – Testing Business Ideas, David Bland, Precoil

The launch of the newest series of Strategyzer book is very timely for me. “Testing Business Ideas” by David Bland and Alexander...

Emmanuel Setyawan January 14, 2020

Podcast Ep 011 – Business Model Innovation, Greg Bernarda, Strategyzer

My guest in this episode is Greg Bernarda, the Co-Author of Value Proposition Design book who is also part of the Strategyzer community with...

Emmanuel Setyawan October 24, 2019

Strategy Q&A: Strategic Planning using Blue Ocean Strategy with Emmanuel Setyawan and Andrew Nelson

Strategic planning is not always in the mind of every company. But with the world is experiencing “slowbalization”, can any...

Emmanuel Setyawan September 19, 2019

Podcast Ep 010 – The Case for Innovation, Ben Watson, Omron

Many companies neglected the need for innovation in their organisations because of the cost involved. In this episode, Ben Watson from Omron...

Emmanuel Setyawan September 12, 2019

Podcast Ep 009 – International Trading, Lawrence Christofelsz, Australian Trade and Logistics Corporation

This has been one of the long-awaited episodes in this podcast channel. Lawrence Christoffelsz, CEO of the Australian Trade and Logistics...

Emmanuel Setyawan August 12, 2019

Strategy Q&A: Facebook Ads “Carpet Bomb” Strategy with Jamie G.

In this Strategy Q&A webinar, Emmanuel discussed with Jamie G a particular Facebook Ads strategy known as “Carpet Bombing”....

Emmanuel Setyawan August 7, 2019

Blue Ocean Strategy Coaching Promo

Accolade Coaching is an accredited affiliate of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia. We help your business to create untapped market space using...

Emmanuel Setyawan July 26, 2019

What to do when your business is in a slump?

Your business has a life, just like you. From time to time, our body get sick; we don’t feel in the mood and sometimes just feeling more emotional than usual. It...

Emmanuel Setyawan July 22, 2019

Podcast Ep 008 – Import Currency Risk, James King, Paul Barrett, AFEX

Import currency risk is probably something that never comes to mind when someone started an international trading business. Yet a move of a few...

Emmanuel Setyawan July 10, 2019