What we do
We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.
Strategic Planning & Execution
We help you formulate the right strategy for your company and build execution into the strategy.
Competitive Analysis
We help you identify the state of your industry, where you are in the picture and what your company can do to swim away from the red ocean.
Value Innovation
Have a business idea? Great! We help you develop the idea to offer a leap in value that made the competition irrelevant.
Risk Mitigation
Your company’s strategy is not complete unless you know what are the risk and how to eliminate and reduce them.

Why Choose Us
  • One of the few coaching firms licensed to deliver B2B Blue Ocean Strategy consulting.
  • Easily scale your engagements with us.
  • Fix fee as agreed with the client prior to the start of the engagement.
  • Complimentary access to our very own E-Learning system Accolade Business Academy (valued at US$29 per month per person)
  • Using our coaching platform, we deliver efficient coaching engagement to business/team of any size.
Profit and Growth

The Profit and Growth Consequences of Creating Blue Ocean

A study of the business launches of 108 companies indicated that 86% of them are just incremental improvements within the red ocean. This accounts for only 62% of total revenues which leads to 39% of total profits.

The study also shows only 14% of the launches were aimed at creating blue oceans. These however, generate 38% of the total revenues which in turns make up 68% of the total profits.

Business Launch (%)
Red Ocean 86%
Blue Ocean 14%
Revenue Impact (%)
Red Ocean 62%
Blue Ocean 38%
Profit Impact (%)
Red Ocean 39%
Blue Ocean 61%
Your Coach

Passionate with business growth, innovation and strategy, Emmanuel started Accolade Coaching in 2012 to help businesses grow and achieve their desired success.

Today, Emmanuel serve clients from small to large corporation on strategic planning and execution using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework. You can find more information about Emmanuel by following his LinkedIn profile or subscribing to “BizTalk with Emmanuel” podcast, available on iTunes.

Based on Blue Ocean Strategy Book
  • Global best seller
  • 3.6 million copy sold
  • Taught in over 28,000 universities across the globe
Years of research
A study of strategic moves
Year span

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