A lot of times people get into business without being armed with the appropriate skills. And with the ever changing world, how can one keep up with all the skills required to run a successful business.

At Accolade Coaching, we realise this need and strive to give the best, most up to date training year after year to help business owners keep up with the game.

We offer various training programs such as:

Start-Up Training

Starting a business for many people is a daunting task. We help ease the pain by offering the necessary training specifically designed for start up business to get their business up and running faster. While this is no substitute for good coaching, doing this training helps people getting into business to learn the basic building block that make up a successful business.

Sales Sniper Training School

Waste no more time with prospects that will not buy from you. Learn how to close more sales in less time and end up with happier customers.

Guerrilla Marketing Training

As an official guerrilla marketing business adviser, Accolade Coaching helps established business owners reduce cost and execute a high impact marketing plan that will give maximum returns for their bucks. Training

Buying or selling through can be daunting for some people. Take the hassles out of learning the most powerful B2B platform in the world and focus on growing your business.

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