Ep. 011 – TOPIC: Business Model Innovation, Greg Bernarda, Strategyzer

My guest in this episode is Greg Bernarda, the Co-Author of Value Proposition Design book who is also part of the Strategyzer community with Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur and the others.

I recently joined Greg and other strategy facilitators across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia for a 2 days Masterclass in Melbourne to learn more about using the Strategyzer framework in my coaching practice.

I first came across the name Strategyzer a few years ago, just after I started my business. Back then, the name was foreign to me, so I didn’t give it much thought. But once I became aware of the power of the framework to help my clients, it makes sense to use it as part of the coaching engagement.

I’ve since slowly begun applying the framework in my practice and like what I see. It is a real privilege to feature Greg for this episode during his visit to Melbourne.

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Strategy Q&A: Strategic Planning using Blue Ocean Strategy with Emmanuel Setyawan and Andrew Nelson

Strategic planning is not always in the mind of every company. But with the world is experiencing “slowbalization”, can any company afford not to have a strategy? In this video premiere, Emmanuel Setyawan, Managing Director of Accolade Coaching sat down with Andrew Nelson, Managing Director of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia and discuss one of the tools both use to help client map growth opportunities: the strategy canvas.

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Podcast Ep. 010 – TOPIC: The Case for Innovation, Ben Watson, Omron

Many companies neglected the need for innovation in their organisations because of the cost involved. In this episode, Ben Watson from Omron takes a different perspective of seeing the cost element of innovation and what is the real cost of “not” innovating.

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Podcast Ep. 009 – International Trading, Lawrence Christofelsz, Australian Trade and Logistics Corporation

This has been one of the long-awaited episodes in this podcast channel.

Lawrence Christoffelsz, CEO of the Australian Trade and Logistics Corporation is a long-time friend and also a well-known name within the Australian supply chain industry.

In this episode, Lawrence discusses the importance of international trading and why every business should explore doing business internationally, whether small or large.

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Strategy Q&A: Facebook Ads “Carpet Bomb” Strategy with Jamie G.

In this Strategy Q&A webinar, Emmanuel discussed with Jamie G a particular Facebook Ads strategy known as “Carpet Bombing”.

This strategy involves doing an initial ad campaign with the aim to create an audience profile, which then used in a second, more targetted ad campaign with the intention to generate leads.

Post your questions in the comment section below.

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Blue Ocean Strategy Coaching Promo

Accolade Coaching is an accredited affiliate of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia.

We help your business to create untapped market space using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Using the framework, we help clients to:

  • Choose the starting point and construct the right team for your Blue Ocean moves.
  • Understanding your current state of play.
  • Discover where you could be.
  • Formulate a plan while mitigating risk to get there.
  • Execute the strategy and create your Blue Ocean.

View our coaching packages and book your complimentary coaching session now.

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Ep. 008 – TOPIC: Import Currency Risk, James King, Paul Barrett, AFEX

Import currency risk is probably something that never comes to mind when someone started an international trading business. Yet a move of a few cents in the currency exchange rate can make a huge impact to the business bottom line.

In this episode, James King and Paul Barrett will discuss what is currency risk and different ways companies can manage and minimise the risk to their businesses.

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Podcast Ep 007 – What is Intrapreneurship, Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw

My guest today is Dr. Irena Yashin-Shaw, founder of Australian Intrapreneurs Summit and the Intrapreneur Magazine which launched in February 2019. Based in Queensland, she is the spearhead of the intrapreneurship movement in Australia.

I interviewed Dr. Irena to get a better understanding of the term that most people are still unfamiliar with. Intrapreneurship is not new, and is fundamental to the success of any organisation in the world, yet still very little attention has been placed on it.

In this episode, Dr. Irena will educate us about what intrapreneurship is and how organisations can take advantage of this with their people.

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Ep 006 – Innovation in Food, Chris Salans

My guest today came all the way from Bali. Chris Salans is an American born and French raised chefs owner of two distinct restaurants in Ubud, Bali: Mozaic Restaurant and Spice Gastro Bar.

Unlike other chefs I know, Chris Salans lead by the innovations he created in his food business. Just like other innovators, Chris also experiences many challenges before he get to where he is today.

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2019 IdeaScale Open Nation Sydney Session 5 – Jessica Day, IdeaScale

IdeaScale, an innovation management solution for the enterprise, presents findings from their customer data that reveals trends and predictions for the coming year in innovation management.

Jessica Day is Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing & Communications at IdeaScale. As part of her role, Day analyzes and articulates patterns appearing in crowdsourced innovation. Prior to IdeaScale, Day was a Marketing & Brand Lead at Ascentium where she developed content based on data analysis.

Day volunteers for sustainability organizations and lives in Berkeley, CA. She holds a MFA in English, Creative Writing.

Accolade Coaching is proud to support IdeaScale Open Nation 2019 in Sydney.

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