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Accolade Coaching is an accredited affiliate of Blue Ocean Strategy Australia.

We help your business to create untapped market space using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Using the framework, we help clients to:

  • Choose the starting point and construct the right team for your Blue Ocean moves.
  • Understanding your current state of play.
  • Discover where you could be.
  • Formulate a plan while mitigating risk to get there.
  • Execute the strategy and create your Blue Ocean.

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Ep. 008 – TOPIC: Import Currency Risk, James King, Paul Barrett, AFEX

Import currency risk is probably something that never comes to mind when someone started an international trading business. Yet a move of a few cents in the currency exchange rate can make a huge impact to the business bottom line.

In this episode, James King and Paul Barrett will discuss what is currency risk and different ways companies can manage and minimise the risk to their businesses.

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Emmanuel 10 July 2019 0 Comments